Tomato Juice Concentrate

Any people are surprised when they hear for the first time that the tomato is actually a fruit. In fact with seeds inside it is classified as a berry (!

However, when you consider that tomato takes its place alongside orange, apple, peach, pear, apricot, mango, pineapple, cherry and other fruits to be sold with them side-by-side on the juice shelf, it makes more sense.

Originally tomato concentrate (or paste as it is more commonly known) was used more by manufacturers of ketchup and sauces and the main determinants of quality have traditionally been those suited to these products, focusing on paste viscosity primarily, and then colour.

This makes the tomato alone among juice concentrates, where usually one of the prime quality parameters is acidity, as well as colour taste and flavour, and where fruit juice is not the primary application. For those wishing to add a high quality tomato juice to their range of other fruit juices, acidity and viscosity should be clearly specified.

Merko has years of experience in producing just such a high quality tomato juice concentrate from the excellent raw material found in the coastal region of west Turkey, and is able to create a product which we define as “Juice Quality” or JQ® and which is strictly a tomato juice concentrate, processed from the ripest tomatoes at the best time of the season to give the desired acidity and taking extreme care to ensure no off-flavours and a consistent viscosity at juice or natural brix.

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