Tepecik Factories


Built in 1995, the Tepecik factory is still a state-of-the-art unit for the processing of tomatoes into tomato paste. Designed in collaboration with Rossi & Catelli, the plant utilises the latest technologies to produce a high quality product with high efficiencies, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and better profitability.
The dual-purpose Eldorado units give the opportunity to produce a super hot break product with high energy efficiencies as well as a high quality low processing temperature paste, ideal for applications where flavour retention is important, such as tomato juice.

The capacity is 20,000 mt of aseptic paste in drums or IBC, and the importance placed on microbiological levels during production and control at all stages gives the customer an assurance when using the Merko product as one of his raw materials.

As with all Merko operations, fundamental importance is placed on the chain of production from seed to final product. Having been at the forefront of agricultural innovation by establishing the first modern nursery with Masterplant of Italy and growing seeds under licence from Nippon Del Monte of Japan, Merko has now left these activities as competences have increased, allowing it to concentrate on the core businesses of farming and processing tomatoes.

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