Quality Policy


Merko’s quality target is to produce safe products with superior quality, meeting completely the present and future expectations of our customers and those that might come into existence with lowest costs.

All applications within Merko’s quality system conform to all valid relevant legal regulations as well as management practices.

Quality and safety start with the farmer and Merko implements a monitoring and recording process for all farmers and their fields, and has introduced the “Muddy Boot” programme to monitor and assist the farmers to improve resource management.

One of Merko’s inalienable principles is to follow necessary regulations for quality, hygiene, environment and security to produce the safest product by protecting human and environmental health, starting from the seed up to the consumer, in all steps of the progressive food processing chain.

Knowing that defining customers expectations bring quality continuity and that increase of competitiveness help to become leader and pioneer in the sector, Merko always gives high value to development of product and processing operations.

Merko selects all suppliers with care within the production process, which starts with the seed, by supervising and supporting their systems development. Merko analysis all steps in the processing with the HACCP product security system and realizes preventive applications for error and inconvenience. Effective corrective actions provide quality continuity.

To reach its quality targets Merko gives all necessary trainings to the employees, who are seen as the most valuable resource of the quality system, utilising methods such as “20 Keys”.

The responsibility for effective practice of the Quality Management System within Merko lies with the Factory Manager. The Quality Management Representative ensures the coordination in the of quality system.

All employees contribute to apply the Quality Management System and provide steady development of the system.

The company has achieved regognition from ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP from BSI, BRC and NFPA.

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