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Pre-season Report

Dear Colleagues,

With the crop in various stages depending on location, tomatoes surplus to fresh market requirements being processed in some of the smaller factories in the south and the first industrial tomatoes in Torbali being expected with factories opening on Monday 18th, although with small volumes.   The yields in the Torbali valley are expect to be low at around 60 mt /Ha. due to mildew.

Although the crop will start late, as earlier reported, in the Marmara area around the 15th of August, apart from isolated outbreaks of disease or insects (no Tuta reported) the yields are forecast to be excellent at around 80 mt/Ha. in the Karacabey area.

Due to the irregular and delayed input of fruit we can expect an excess of demand over supply until the peak of the crop is reached with prices for raw material exceeding the contracted price of  €77 or $110.

As of today there is no reason to forecast a number different from the earlier total to be processed of 1.8 m mt, assuming of course the "good September" which this year everyone needs.   The long term forecast, for what it's worth, is a hot summer through September with northerly winds, which if correct will be good to maintain the forecasted tonnages and a good quality until the end of the crop.

Good luck to all for the season - Duncan Blake

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