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Plantings started in Turkey

 Dear Colleagues, 

For those of you receiving this newsletter for the first time, I send out information of the Turkish crop from time to time before the season and more frequently during the season, trying to give an unbiased and realistic view of the upcoming (or progressing) Turkish crop, with regard to quantity and quality, but I keep away from commercial comments or analyses.  If you prefer not to receive this newsletter, or want to recommend someone else in your organisation who would benefit, then please let me know. 
At the time of writing in the last week of April, we see that most of the Southern (Izmir, Torbali) area is planted, with localised shortages of seedlings causing the only problems;  mid-region (that is Manisa, Salihli, Bergama) has started transplanting, and with the exception of a few early fields, transplanting in the North will start this week. 
Although cold and wet weather prevented planting in the North earlier than usual, there are no delays and so far the timing and spread seems to be good. 
We have announced via AMITOM and the WPTC a figure of 2 m mt as being forecast to be processed by the industry (excluding the sun-dried sector) and as of today there is no reason to change this number.   Of this, 80-90% will be processed by the Western area of Turkey from Bursa down to Izmir. 
Although this figure is up on the previous 2 years, it is actually below the average for the last 4 crops, but should prove to be sufficient for requirements. 
Best wishes - Duncan Blake 
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