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Late September update

Dear Colleagues,

Unfortunately the weather forecasts were spot-on, getting the timing and amount of rain exactly right, meaning that the tomato areas were "hit" by 30-80 Kgs of rain (1-3") in a 24-hour period yesterday.  Fields were flooded and will take days to dry out in some cases, pushing back the crop yet again.

While we can maintain the mantra that there are tomatoes in the fields, there will be some damage from this rain, but in any case there was race against time to get ripe tomatoes in to the industry with dwindling numbers of field labour for harvesting after the schools started on the 18th September.

It is too early to assess the final number from Turkey, but while there will be losses, at the same time tomatoes have been bought from areas which were not considered as growing areas for industrial tomatoes, in turn increasing the numbers.

However, the quality has been "good average Turkish" so far with good taste, colour and flavour.  The yield losses are for the processors account but customers should be pleased with their product.

I expect that we will have one more update at the close of play, but that could be as late as mid-October (the next weeks forecast is good).

Best regards - Duncan Blake

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