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End of crop report

Dear Colleagues,

Many of you may have read the book or seen the film "A Perfect Storm" and that sums up our tomato crop this year. After severely delayed plantings due to cold and wet weather in late April and early May, we had a less than perfect summer and during the crop fighting amongst the (other) processors for tomatoes.

While looking forward to a calmer period until the end of the crop, the Karacabey area was hit by 100 mm of rain in 2 hours last week, flooding fields of ripe tomatoes, and until now the fields have not yet dried out, and with more rain, probably they will not dry out at all.

A substantial proportion of the tomatoes that were in the fields to be harvested will be lost, and it is safe to say that the total crop will be below 1.7 m mt this year.

The fact that other countries have had less than perfect conditions is no consolation for us, but certainly processing tomatoes will be very attractive in 2015 and beyond.

Regards - Duncan Blake

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