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2015 Beginning of Season


We maintain our estimates about 370.000 - 380.000 decare which we had implemented for October 2015 in April.

Efficiency averages seem to be better from normal ones and could be thought as average 8 tons. However as

always, weather conditions during season shall affect this efficiency. For example, a few days ago, there has been hail

damage in some regions which were previously cultivated. When we write this report to you, dark clouds are

gathering on the region. Also, the real harvest shall be around 2.600.000 tons when we consider that about 400.000

tons shall be sent to dried tomato and similar sub-industries from 3.000.000 tons of estimated amount of raw


The installed machine capacity in Turkey can easily process this amount.  

Torbalı and Manisa regions have started later than the average because of the cool weather conditions experienced

in Spring. Generally, season coming a little from behind and it seems that the harvest shall continue until the end of

September. Of course, considering our experiences in the previous years, we could see that September is dangerous

in respecct of rainfall. 


Our factory has begun production on 29th of July and shall operate with full capacity within this week. We have

carried out 17% of our production goal to this day and thnk that we shall realize 55% of our production goal until the

end of August.

Regards-Alistair Baran BLAKE


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